Once the EPA is completed, all documentation from the EPA is passed to the Quantum Awards Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) team who then sample the documentation for correctness and accuracy, and carry out moderation. Direct observation of Assessors and Invigilators carrying out elements of the EPA may also take place, based on a sampling strategy.

An overall report is then written to summarise all aspects of the EPA, including results gained by each Apprentice and written feedback for each apprentice regarding specific ‘what went well’ and ‘even better if…’ points from both the Professional Discussion and the Presentation and Questioning Elements. This final document is approved by the Quantum Awards Quality and Operations director who then passes it to the customer facing team, who provide the results and feedback to both the Employer and to each apprentices. We will carry out the above process swiftly in order to ensure results and feedback are with the Apprentice within 10 working days following the end of the EPA event.

Quantum Awards will then apply for the overall Apprenticeship certificate for all those candidates who have been successful at EPA to the Government Certification Agency. Certificates are then sent to the employer for onward distribution to the Apprentice and we would normally expect to the employer to receive these within 3 working weeks following completion of the EPA.

Once Quantum Awards has provided the moderated results to the Employer and Apprentice, an anonymous survey is then sent out to all Apprentices who undertook that EPA in order to gain their feedback on all aspects. This survey is completely anonymised and Quantum are unable to tell which candidate provided which feedback due to the way in which the survey and software is set up.

Overall performance, grading data and survey results are also fed back to the provider in order that they can further improve aspects of their delivery, again this is done without identifying particular candidates.