L3 Improvement Technician

The Standard and Assessment plan for the L3 Improvement Technician may be found on the IFATE website at:-


In summary, the End Point Assessment for this standard consists of three elements as follows: –

  1. A 40 question, 40 minute multiple choice examination which contributes 10% to the overall grade.
  2. A presentation by the Apprentice of their improvement project, with questioning by the Assessor following the presentation. This contributes 60% toward the overall grade and should last between 55 and 75 minutes.
  3. A ‘Professional Discussion’ with the apprentice referring to evidence gathered in the their portfolio. This contributes 30% toward the overall grade and should last between 40 to 50 minutes.

Note that all elements listed above must reach at least ‘pass’ grade in order to achieve an overall pass for the apprenticeship, the final overall grade being determined from a grading matrix which takes account of the weighting and grade awarded for each EPA element.

Note also that for both the Professional Discussion and the Presentation and Questioning elements, attendance by a technical expert from the Employer is required, whose role is to provide the assessor with clarifications around specific company policy and procedure or technical knowledge only.