Our aim is to support our provider partners to ensure that Apprentices have the greatest opportunity for success at EPA.

We will work with provider partners through provision of support activities as the examples below, but are fully flexible to provide other support if wished – we would welcome the discussion.

  • Explanatory documentation for Apprentices and Employers regarding the EPA (and briefings if required)
  • Opportunity for face to face or remote training and discussions with the provider delivery and support teams regarding the practicalities and expectations of the EPA
  • Documentation on, and discussion around, suggested curriculum content which would meet the content areas arising from the KSB’s of the standard in order to confirm that the providers delivery will cover all content required by the EPA
  • Opportunity for Apprentice project charters to be reviewed at an early stage in the delivery to ensure the projects are likely to meet the requirements of the standard.
  • Sample test papers for use at any mid-point review and at gateway