Pricing Information

Our pricing is based on Service Level requested, but as an outline the following services are included in a single price (Price range shown below):-

  • All guidance material and resources
  • Services of Assessors with many years practical experience of improvement across many industries
  • Standardisation meeting(s) with training provider to ensure apprentice training and preparation matches expectations of the standard
  • 3 elements of EPA according to the Assessment Plan organised directly with the Employer either at an Employer venue, off-site venue or through remote assessment
  • Re-sit policy and pricing that allows employers to only pay for those elements that are required
  • Optional (for additional fee) mock assessment paper
  • Certification requests for each successful candidate
  • Full Face to Face EPA with candidate, or fully remote, or blended approach as required by the customer
  • Detailed feedback and analysis of EPA results of whole cohort to allow for continuous improvement
    • Feedback provided to individual apprentices to allow them to build further individual development plans
    • Summary information by employer to allow them to understand the impact upon continuous improvement programmes across their organisation
    • Cohort summary for training provider to allow them to tailor their training programmes based upon what actually works with candidates and direct feedback of results.

Our payment terms are that 50% of fee is payable at Gateway, with the remaining 50% payable at the time of the EPA

The price ranges for the EPA’s are as follows, final agreed price will depend on service level options such as remote or on-site assessment, size of cohort and other factors: –

L3 Improvement Technician ST0193: £670 – £725

L4 Improvement Practitioner ST0192: £780 – £880

L5 Improvement Specialist ST0555: £1210 – £1500

L6 Improvement Leader ST0556: £1820 – £2150

L4 Quality Practitioner ST0853: £780 – £880