Outline Service Level Agreement

  • Only use professional assessors that intimately understand the improvement standards and assessment plans.
  • Work with both the employer and provider to ensure that Apprentices are fully prepared, informed and ready for their EPA. This includes but is not restricted to: Standardisation work with the training provider to ensure standard is being adhered to, and the provision of mock question papers to allow candidates to understand what to expect.
  • Working with the employer, ensure that EPA arrangements made are the most suitable for the candidates and their managers and as cost effective and with as little disruption as possible.
  • Provide results including candidate feedback of areas of good performance and development to the Employer and Apprentice within 10 working days of the EPA event being completed.
  • Apply for the Overall Apprenticeship certificate immediately upon results being moderated, to ensure fastest possible turn-around from the Government Certification agency.
  • Ensure that feedback is gained from the Apprentice following issuing of their results, through an anonymous on-line survey tool. Use this feedback to further improve our services.
  • Work with employer, provider and candidate to minimise the cost of re-sits / re-takes often being able to offer these for FREE if the candidate is able to join another assessment that is already planned.